About Heri Homes

Affordable, Quality Housing

Heri Homes was initially established as a Land, Real Estate, and Property Merchant Company in Kenya. Our business model however evolved with time to include developing apartments,  bungalows, and townhouses in areas where there is high rental yield, through the use of a low-risk finance strategy, whereby part of the capital is raised through Social Capital as opposed to debt.

This strategy reduces the cumulative cost of a specific housing unit; this is mostly because it eliminates the hefty interest cost that ordinarily would be transferred to the end buyer by the developer where a debt model is employed. Heri Homes has experienced phenomenal success mostly attributable to this unique housing model.

We ensure that we construct quality and affordable housing units in attractive locations that have high rental yield. In addition to real estate investments, our company has also invested portions of its assets in the purchase of land in strategic areas for sale.

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